Dirty Water Sump Pump

´╗┐As we all know, a good dirty water sump pump will be helpful for you.

When you choose a dirty water sump pump, you need consider a lot like the quality, value and price. Then you will find a perfect dirty water sump pump and find exactly what you expect. I was so overjoyed when I found I can buy a dirty water sump pump online, because it can save your more time and money.

Here are a list of the best dirty water sump pump based on popularity and features.

Best Quality Dirty Water Sump Pump

Superior Pump 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump
Superior Pump


1/4 HP split capacitor motor – high efficiency – Low Amp draw, 10′ grounded waterproof power cord, pumps up to 30 gallons per minute, 1800 gallons per hour, side and bottom intake provides for clog resistant suction, cooler operating 115V motor provides continuous duty, pump will lift water over 25 ft.

Consumer Guide
  • “I use this pump to empty the water of my pool cover in the spring worked great.” – lawrence kelly
  • “A garden hose attaches easily.” – David Nox
  • “And unlike renting from Home Depot, I still have the pump if I ever need it again.” – Brian Sullivan

Wayne PLS100 1 HP 720 GPH Portable Lawn Sprinkling Pump, Stainless

The Wayne 1 HP 720 GPH portable lawn sprinkling pump is designed to draw water from ponds and rivers to sprinkle lawns or gardens, clear standing water, and empty or fill tanks.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Very pleased with the power and performance so far and the pump is very quiet.” – Gary B. Hackle
  • “I’ve used this pump for 5 years pushing water 200+ feet up a hill, with no problems at all.” – Alexander Lerman
  • “Hopefully I will be able to repair that unit and have it ready as a spare when this new one gets tired.” – J. MCNAMARA

Flotec FP5172 1-1/2 HP Self-Priming High Capacity Sprinkler Pump

This Flotec model is a self-priming, corrosion-resistant, high-capacity sprinkler pump that’s constructed of rugged, heavy-duty fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic.

  • “Installed pump with very little problem, when started worked like a charm.” – Duffy 5319
  • “It runs great, provides more than adequate water to the garden at a pressure that allows me to drive 6 sprinkler heads.” – Tweetot
  • “The old pump simply rusted away and hopefully this new Flotec will work and last just as well.” – saf4amazon

1/2 Hp Dirty Water Submersible Pump with Float Switch
C.M.T. Industrial

Pump is fully submersible (waterproof sealed) and can be submerged down to a depth of 15 ft. Submersible pump is designed for use for drainage, or transfer of liquid.

Product Ratings
  • “I have used this pump to remove dirty water from a septic line and it works GREAT!” – Eric M. Weaver
  • “This is really the only reason that I don’t give the pump a 5-star rating.” – KSed
  • “The fittings that are provided with pump do not provide a garden hose thread, you will need to go to the hardware store and purchase the parts to make it adaptable.” – Chris Crawford

Glentronics, Inc. BW1050 Basement Watchdog Sump Pump, 4400 Gallon Per Hour

Sold as each. 1/2 HP premium sump pump. Includes dual caged universal mount float switch.

Flotec FP0S1250X-02 Tempest II 1200 GPH Utility Submersible Pump

FP0S1250X-08 Features: -Submersible pump.-Pumps 1250 gallons per hour.-Use with ordinary garden hose or 1 pipe.

Customer Reviews
  • “It should not be left to run when there is no more water to pump.” – Brian A. Thompson
  • “Assuming it was “Thermally Protected” as the label clearly stated.” – Gary J. Hardy
  • “We have used it to pump water 10′ up out of our basement sump well, at an incredible speed.” – golden_

Wayne CWS100 1-Horsepower Cast Iron Convertible Well Jet Pump

CWS100 Features: -Cast-iron convertible well jet pump.-For wells 0” – 1080” in depth.-Pressure switch is pre-set at 30-50 PSI for automatic operation.

Glentronics, Inc. DFK-961 1/3 Horsepower Basement Watchdog Submersible Combination Sump Pump System
Glentronics, Inc.

DFK961 Features: -Pump system.-Package contains: Controller, charger, two dual micro reed float switches, primary pump and backup pump, instruction manual (battery and acid sold separately).

Little Giant PE-2H 1/40 HP Small Submersible Epoxy Encapsulated Pump
Little Giant

PE-2H Features: -12.2′ Shut Off Head Capability.-6′ Power Cord.

Suggestions of the Best dirty water sump pump

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